Our passion is to combine creativity and technical skills for solving complex issues of a technological and social nature. We want to create a direct or indirect impact on people and their living environment. As far as confidentiality permits, we proudly share our results. Each showcase presents a unique problem we tackled, the broad expertise we invoked, the ingenious solution we developed and the added value we provided to our customers.

  • Thumbnail-showcase-inspection-system-for-light-connectors.jpg

    inspection system for light connectors.

    A car is fitted with all kinds of…

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  • Thumbnail-Diagnostic-Imaging-Demcon

    diagnostic imaging.

    For many disorders, high-quality images are essential for…

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  • UV focus objective.

    Projects for designing and creating lenses do not…

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  • Thumbnail-Laser-Beam-Delivery-And-Conditioning-Demcon-Focal

    laser beam shaping.

    We developed a UV laser beam delivery system for…

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  • laser guide star.

    We are developing a Beam Conditioning and Diagnostics…

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  • Thumbnail-showcase-machine-vision-in-advanced-composites-manufacturing..jpg

    machine vision in advanced composites manufacturing.

    Composites have excellent material properties, combining high strength…

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