wafer inspection.

Wafer inspection and chip inspection require bespoke image hardware and analysis methods.

Demcon focal is specialized in designing the bespoke inspection hardware and accompanying data analysis software, including deep learning and neural network combinations for recognition purposes.

We have developed our own generic software platform, which can interface with most camera brands and protocols and can be connected to a variety of PLC systems. The platform handles the complex vision algorithms that are tailored to the customers’ needs. The platform allows logging of images, data, and events in various format. Overall, this platform reduced the image software development time drastically.




"we make inspection highly reliable."

When only the highest quality is acceptable, random checks afterwards are not sufficient. Our inspection systems can work real-time in production. This way manufacturers can deliver qualified output efficiently, by separating out all faulty products. They can increase their yield having a closed-loop system integrated in their production line.