NMF-platform – freeform optics measurements.

Manufacturing of freeform optical lenses and mirrors cannot be done without a proper measurement system. The Nanomefos design has, due to an ingenious mechatronic design, a state-of-the-art solution for measuring freeform optics. It is a contactless and high-speed metrology system with interferometer accuracy and with coordinate measuring machine versality. Demcon, a specialist in all relevant disciplines, such as metrology, optics, mechatronics, and data analysis, has modernized and industrialized the Nanomefos, resulting in the NMF600 S. In a relatively short time, a redesign of the TNO prototype was completed, including the software. The focus was on the cost price, reliability, design-for-manufacturing, and user convenience.




● Accuracy under 15 nm
● Volume Ø 600 mm x 125 mm
● Flat to freeform
● Convex to concave
● Probe with 5 mm range
● Acceptance angle of 7º


"we measure every micrometer and even every nanometer."

We combine our expertise in the field of accurate movement and positioning with in-depth optical knowledge. This way we achieve micrometer and even nanometer precision. We do this in the laboratory, as well as in industrial practice, for example to measure free-form optical surfaces or complex semiconductor components.