fluorescence spectroscopy.

For an OEM customer we developed an optical microscopy system that is capable of imaging a single cell in a lab-on-chip environment. Besides a bright imaging function, fluorescence measurement was added to the microscope to measure the cells that were labelled with fluorochromes. The design needed to fit into existing image cytometry equipment. For this purpose, we developed ½ inch optical building blocks that can be used to fit the filters, splitter, and lens elements. The optical elements within the building blocks can be aligned before they are interconnected.

The typical specifications for the microscope that were achieved are:
● Resolution: 5 µm
● Field of View: 0.25mm
● Microscope size: +/- 100x100x100 mm³



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"integrated compact microsystem can enhance your application."

It was challenging to integrated a microsystem into an existing system, but we manage to do so. We used the building block approach, allowing us to use these building blocks also for other projects. Furthermore we designed and assembled our own microscope objective that was fit for purpose.