diagnostic imaging.

For many disorders, high-quality images are essential for diagnostics and therapy. The scientific community is developing advanced medical imaging methods. The practical challenge is to translate these methods into clinical applications. We develop accurate imaging instruments and support data analysis with artificial intelligence.


from sharp image to smart treatment plan.

Innovative imaging techniques are repeatedly being used in new medical diagnostics applications. We have extensive experience with analysis techniques (optical or otherwise), ranging from spectroscopy to hyperspectral imaging. We develop high-quality systems for this purpose using our optomechatronics expertise. In addition, we can contribute to optimizing the entire imaging process. For example, precisely positioning the patient and instrument or intelligent data analysis.


"improving quality of life"

It is amazing to be at the forefront of photonics in life science and what it can do to enhance current capabilities in medical diagnostics. Even within this market, the variety is huge, but all with a single goal; to improve quality of life. That alone already gives the extra motivation to bring innovative medical imaging into clinical practice.