how we work.

Although each project is unique, we have established working methods that ensure the customer’s project will be performed in phases, minimizing risks and enabling a successful implementation. Although there are different approaches for turnkey vision systems and OEM-modules, we roughly take a similar staged approach:

History-Intake-.jpg Intake

This phase is all about understanding the needs. Maybe the customer already have a brief description with images or drawings to explain the ideas. We will get in contact and collect examples of items that need to be automatically inspected or measured. In a brainstorm session, we will get the customer’s input and ideas. After an initial assessment, we will provide the customer with an outlook, scope, and plan for the project.

History-how-we-work-feasibility.jpg Feasibility

Several technical solutions and options will be evaluated, based on a more thorough intake and investigation. In cases where requirements cannot be fully defined (made SMART), the feasibility phase will be used to identify the requirements. Suggested solutions for the concept design, including budget estimates, will emerge from this phase. For OEM modules, we provide an overview and trade-off of concept solutions and expected performance.

History-how-we-work-prototyping.jpg Prototyping

In this stage the customer have given the “GO” for detailed design and engineering work and we will define, purchase, and have components produced that will constitute the optical module. We will choose and implement the most rigid optical imaging, illumination and/or vision algorithm strategy and work towards an integrated module. The customer’s use-case or user flow definitions will be implemented. For OEM manufacturers, we provide detailed design and test documentation accompanied by a performance analysis.

History-Manufacturing.jpg Manufacturing

In this stage, we will integrate the module in the customer’s environment and establish connections with any mechanization or mechatronics present, and interface with quality or monitoring systems. For OEM- customers, we will perform the qualification of the module and provide the means for integration of the OEM- module in their product.