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we are Demcon focal.

Demcon focal is specialized in the design, engineering, and assembly of bespoke optomechatronic systems for hightech markets such as semicon, bio-medical, life science, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, and others. Demcon focal is part of the Demcon group, an independent organization, with locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.

our story

experts in customized design and engineering.

Demcon focal achieves customized design and engineering (D&E) in a multidisciplinary approach, entailing optical, vision, data, electronic, software, mechanical and system engineering. Activities include high-level requirement engineering, concept optical design, prototyping, detailed engineering, system integration and manufacturing, assembly, integration, and test activities.

We also perform specialized volume production that requires trained engineers, dedicated equipment, and clean environment. Besides that, we also offer system service and support in possible combination with Demcon production, so we are open for high volume production of complex optical modules.


we solve challenges others can't

We aim to become a worldwide recognized expert in optomechatronics.

the team

our experts and engineers

Our international team of experts and experienced professionals have a can-do mentality and a drive to make things work. We have specialists in machine vision, data science and optical system design. Together with the Demcon group we have relevant expertise in material science, embedded systems, mechatronic design, cryogenics systems and quality systems.

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How we work

we are there from start to finish.

History-Intake-.jpg Intake

This phase is all about understanding the needs. Maybe the customer already have a brief description with images or drawings to explain the ideas. We will get in contact and collect examples of items that need to be automatically inspected or measured. In a brainstorm session, we will get the customer’s input and ideas. After an initial assessment, we will provide the customer with an outlook, scope, and plan for the project.

History-how-we-work-feasibility.jpg Feasibility

Several technical solutions and options will be evaluated, based on a more thorough intake and investigation. In cases where requirements cannot be fully defined (made SMART), the feasibility phase will be used to identify the requirements. Suggested solutions for the concept design, including budget estimates, will emerge from this phase. For OEM modules, we provide an overview and trade-off of concept solutions and expected performance.

History-how-we-work-prototyping.jpg Prototyping

In this stage the customer have given the “GO” for detailed design and engineering work and we will define, purchase, and have components produced that will constitute the optical module. We will choose and implement the most rigid optical imaging, illumination and/or vision algorithm strategy and work towards an integrated module. The customer’s use-case or user flow definitions will be implemented. For OEM manufacturers, we provide detailed design and test documentation accompanied by a performance analysis.

History-Manufacturing.jpg Manufacturing

In this stage, we will integrate the module in the customer’s environment and establish connections with any mechanization or mechatronics present, and interface with quality or monitoring systems. For OEM- customers, we will perform the qualification of the module and provide the means for integration of the OEM- module in their product.

our solutions

what we offer.

Our solutions will fit the customer’s needs and range from dedicated software algorithms to turnkey vision inspection modules; from optical systems design to fully operable prototypes. Solutions that can be integrated in the customer’s production or laboratory environment. Optical modules that OEM- manufacturers can integrate in their own product.

A respectable track record with OEM customers, lessons learned in various projects and inventive counterparts all give future innovative projects a solid base. Besides this, Demcon actively participates in international networks and most departments are located on or near technical universities.

our technologies

high-tech applications.

To ensure the best product we make use of several different technologies. You can read more about which technologies we use in our processes and what their purpose is. Filler text to make sure that there is enough information as an example without looking too empty. Filler text to make sure that there is enough information as an example without looking too empty. Filler text to make sure that there is enough information as an example without looking too empty. Filler text to make sure that there is enough information as an example without looking too empty.

a demcon group company

developing solutions and making an impact.

Demcon group was created as a result of the passion of its founders for solving challenging technological and social problems. We develop high-quality, innovative, complex systems and products, and can also take care of production ourselves. This way we create value for our customers. In a society facing major challenges, we carry out projects that have a positive impact on people and the world they live in. We work on smart applications in various sectors, such as healthcare, safety, water, energy, production, and communication. In addition to technological innovation, we also devote our efforts to promoting entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education.