bruise analysis using a hyperspectral camera.

Spectroscopy techniques open new applications in healthcare. Whether it is based on fluorescence measurements or detecting spectral fingerprints, spectroscopy can improve the diagnosis and early detection of diseases.

detecting the age of bruises.

A fine example is the development of a camera system that quantitatively determines the age of bruises. The motivation for this development is to create an extra tool to identify child abuse. The system uses a hyperspectral snapshot camera to measure the fraction of bilirubin and hemoglobin. A bruise turns blue because of the hemoglobin in the bruise. Gradually, over a period of days, that hemoglobin breaks down. The resulting waste bilirubin turns the bruise yellow. The ratio in measured quantity between those two substances determine the age of a bruise.


"contribute to a safer environment."

We combined the expertise in the field with our knowledge of technology to solve a little piece of this complex puzzle. It is great to see that advancement in technology can help to create a safer environment for kids.