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  • wafer inspection.

    Wafer inspection and chip inspection require bespoke image hardware and analysis methods.

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  • Thumbnail-showcase-inline-measurement.jpg

    inline depth measurement.

    We developed a depth sensor that uses the optical interference effect of broadband light between a reference path and signal path to derive the optical path length difference between these two branches.

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  • Case-Lithography-Lens-Design-Demcon-Focal

    lithography lens design.

    Demcon focal has the capabilities to design, deliver and qualify one of the most demanding precision optical assemblies: the lithography lens.

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  • quality control of fuel.

    Different fuels often have distinguishable chemical fingerprints.

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  • Thumbnail-showcase-diagnosing-blinding-diseases.jpg

    diagnosing of blinding diseases.

    A malfunction in the supply of oxygen can lead to a variety of retinal diseases.

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  • TOmCAT.

    Together with TNO, we are working on the TOmCAT project. One of the innovative elements of TOmCAT is its ability to pre-correct the laser light with adaptive optics.

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