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  • Thumbnail-showcase-inspection-system-for-light-connectors.jpg

    inspection system for light connectors.

    A car is fitted with all kinds of lights, from headlights to lights on the dashboard. Each and every single one of these lights requires its own specific connector.

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  • UV focus objective.

    Projects for designing and creating lenses do not stop after assembly: lenses need to be qualified and tested against customer requirements.

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  • Thumbnail-Laser-Beam-Delivery-And-Conditioning-Demcon-Focal

    laser beam shaping.

    We developed a UV laser beam delivery system for heat load experiments and wrinkle measurements. 

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  • Case-Accurate-Alignment-Demcon-Focal

    high precision (sub-μm) measurements.

    Accurate pre-alignment of wafers is key for each individual processing step. Contactless wafer edge measurement requires a dedicated vision system.

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  • Thumbnail-market-segment-lens-design.jpg

    f-theta lens design.

    Laser annealing is growing rapidly in the semicon market. The elementary module for the laser annealing process is a laser beam delivery system that conditions the laser beam such that a uniform annealing is achieved over the surface.

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  • wafer inspection.

    Wafer inspection and chip inspection require bespoke image hardware and analysis methods.

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